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Slow Cooker

These CrockPot and slow cooker recipes are simple, delicious, and as easy as turning on the slow cooker.

From mulled wine to thai peanut chicken and everything in between, you’ll find it here.

You can search by ingredient or recipe above, or scroll down to see our most popular recipes below. Happy cooking!

CrockPot vs Slow Cooker, What’s The Difference?

CrockPot is a brand of slow cooker. Many recipes will call a slow cooker a CrockPot, as they’re the most popular brand by far.

While the terms are interchangeable, they both do the same thing – slow cook.

Slow Cooker Conversion Chart

Does a recipe call for high or low?

Depending on the time you have and when you start cooking, you may want to change the cooking time. Below is a quick guide to speeding up or slowing down a recipe.

  • 1-2 hours on HIGH – 2-4 hours on LOW
  • 4-5 hours on HIGH – 8-10 hours on LOW
  • 5-6 hours on HIGH – 10-12 hours on LOW

Generally, you can expect to double the cooking time depending on how long you want to cook.

Keep in mind, low and slow will always produce more tender meat, as it gives the fat a chance to break down longer.

Choosing Meat To Slow Cook

Slow cooking is great for cheaper cuts of meat, that may be fatty or tough.

Because of the long low temperature, the meat wont overcook before the fats break down.

Leaner cuts like pork tenderloin and chicken breasts tend to dry out when slow cooking, so go for a fattier cut of meat if possible.

If you are cooking a leaner cut of meat in the slow cooker, cook it on high heat, rather than low.

Our Most Popular Slow Cooker Recipes