The Gay Globetrotter

About Me

Hi! My name is Bailey and I am a food fanatic and avid traveler. 

I have worked hard on this website so you can challenge yourself in the kitchen and the world.

Here’s a little work history: I have experience working in a fine dining kitchen. I also recently left my ‘oh-so-glamorous’ career in the Hollywood film industry to pursue my flair for adventure around the world. 

I love immersing myself in new culture, cuisine, and adventures. When I am not doing that, you will probably find me in front of the TV watching the same series for the 10th time. 

Some of my many other passions include wine, knitting, wine, spending time watching bad reality TV with my mom, and enjoying my time with friends and family. Cliché right?

Anyways, I have created this site to help others gain the footing, joy, and experience I have achieved throughout my travels and culinary adventures. Learn from the time I almost died in Greece, or when I set my kitchen stove on fire trying to make a schezwan sauce. Just learn something, okay?

My adventures started back when I visited Europe for the first time. I had about a week’s notice before I departed across the world for the first time, so it was necessary I made it there on a budget.

Upon arriving, I was thrust into a new culture and some cuisine that made me question the choices in America. It awoke a spark in me that showed me how much I love to learn about the world around me, and how people live and interact.

I took this newfound passion and paired it with my knowledge from being a member of the LGBTQ community to give you guys a one-stop place to find everything you’ll need whether you’re at home in the kitchen or out there seeing what the world has to offer. 

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