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Europe is a beautiful continent and home to 50 countries. No matter where you decide to visit within Europe, you will be met with beautiful landscapes and friendly locals. 

Europe is home to all terrains, which makes it perfect for backpackers. You can ski, relax on the beach, travel through the countryside, or experience the most amazing nightlife in the world all with ease. 

Europe has many nationalities and cultures, making it one of the most diverse and sought-after destinations for travellers and backpackers all around the world. 

If you are planning a trip to Europe, make sure you read these guides and tips before you travel! 

Destinations In Europe

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A cocktail with a lemon twist.

Green Prosecco Cocktail

Green proseeco cocktails are made with Midori, fresh lemon juice, and crisp, bubbly prosecco. They’re perfect for St Patrick’s Day!

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Colcannon in a serving dish topped with butter.

Irish Colcannon

Irish colcannon (cabbage and potatoes) are made with buttery mashed potatoes, sauteed cabbage and onions (or leeks), bacon, and green onions. 

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A cherry being placed on a shamrock shake.

Shamrock Shake

This copycat Mcdonald’s shamrock shake recipe is creamy, minty, and perfect for St Patrick’s Day.

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Candied bacon in a clear cup.

Candied Bacon

Candied bacon is crispy, sweet, savory, and spiced with a pinch of cayenne pepper and cracked black pepper. Bacon is taken to a whole new level, and it takes just 22 minutes in the oven!

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