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Air Fryer

These air fryer recipes are some of our favorites. The air fryer is such an easy way to enjoy delicious, crispy food without having to deep fry.

We absolutely love making anything we can in the air fryer! From appetizers like air fryer pickles to mains like air fryer chicken thighs and quick sides like air fryer asparagus, they always come out perfectly!

How The Air Fryer Works

The air fryer uses a strong fan to cook the food quickly and evenly, similar to a convection oven.

Because of the circulating heat, food crisps quickly and easily without the need for deep frying or excess oil.

The Best Air Fryers

When selecting an air fryer, look for one with a large basket. We love or Cosori, it is large which means less batches and more eating!

The Ninja Air Fryer is also a very popular choice.

Air Fryer Tips

  • Preheat, preheat, preheat! The preheat function on most air fryers makes a world of difference in how the food comes out.
  • Keep some oil in a spray bottle for a quick and inexpensive way to coat the food evenly with minimum oil.
  • Don’t crowd an air fryer. It’s better to work in batches if you need to. The food crisps so well because of the circulating air, so you want to maximize the space around food in the air fryer.