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These cocktail, drink, and beverage recipes have everything from refreshing summer drinks, to warm winter drinks, and everything in between!

Drinks go with every meal, and are often overlooked. We love making sure we have the perfect adult cocktails and beverages for kids to go with dinners whenever we can!

Whether you need the perfect hot chocolate recipe or want to learn how to mix the perfect pisco sour, you will find it here.

You can search by category or ingredient above, or browse our most popular drink and beverage recipes below. Happy mixing!

How Much Per Person

Found the perfect cocktail recipe but need to serve it for a crowd? Here are some simple conversions to help you make a large batch of a simple cocktail:

  • 3 fl. oz – ¼ cup – 3 shots
  • 6 fl. oz – ½ cup – 6 shots
  • 9 fl.0z – ¾ cup – 9 shots
  • 12 fl.oz – 1 cup – 12 shots

Let’s say you want to make love potion cocktails or green prosecco cocktails for a crowd, but the recipe makes two cocktails. These conversions will help you measure the ingredients out for two, rather than a pitcher, and vice versa.

How To Stock A Bar For A Party

One of the most important parts of stocking a bar for a party is making sure all of the bases are covered, no matter what people prefer.

If possible, ask what your guests like to drink while you’re making the dinner menu so you know what to pick up.

Here are the basics to make sure you have on hand:

  • Vodka
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Whiskey
  • Gin
  • Secondary alcohols: triple sec, vermouth
  • Mixers: soda water, sprite, cola, water
  • Garnishes: lemons, limes, green olives, orange peels, maraschino cherries

There are a ton of other great things to have stocked on a bar, but these basics will get you through most cocktail parties. Don’t forget the ice!

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Always make sure you offer a non alcoholic beverage option for guests when serving drinks.

When serving non alcoholic drinks like virgin mojitos or shamrock shakes, we love to make sure they’re just as much fun as the adult drinks!