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The Best Sling Bag for Travel

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Okay guys, so lately I have been seriously buckling down on finding the best sling bag for travel. I have gone through countless bags in my travels, some were pretty great, and some… let’s just say they hit the trash pretty quickly.

I have been on this sling bag craze, and looking for a bag or sling backpack that works for day to day tasks, but also works as a carry on bag. Tough medium right? I can be pretty picky I guess.

The Best Sling Bag For Travel

I found this bag on Amazon, and decided to try it out. It comes in slate or black (I chose my favorite color: black haha), and it has a decent sized main pocket with a smaller front pocket, perfect for storing your phone. Don’t expect to pack for a weekend away in this bag, but know it packs a surprising amount of room.

Whether you are shopping for travel sling bags for women or for men, you will find this bag to be surprisingly versatile. The main pocket has a section built for your passport and cards with a built in RFID scanner, which is perfect if you are taking it to a festival, market, or Disneyland. Take that, scammers!

The zipper system has an extra clip to lock your zippers shut to prevent people from pickpocketing you while you are using it, but I found this clip to be a little flimsy (trying to find the best sling bag for travel has turned me into a bag snob, huh?). Still, there’s a very good chance you would feel someone trying to get into this bag. It is also made from anti slash material which is a definite must if it is going to earn the title of the best sling backpack for travel.

I think the reason I love this travel sling bag so much is the dual water bottle holders. I carried several different sized water bottles, sunglasses, and umbrellas in them and none fell out, even when I turned the bag upside down. I also found that the weight from the side pockets didn’t offset the weight of the bag in any way or make it uncomfortable!

I took this sling bag with me to Southeast Asia, and got to first try it out at the airport. The front drop pocket came in super handy when I was going through security at the airport, I just had to slide my phone in and I was good to go. The main pocket can fit an iPad perfectly (perfect for in flight movies), but you would definitely have some trouble getting a regular laptop into it.

When I got to Thailand, we were heading out to Asiatique, a popular night market that is cram packed with tourists and locals. I brought this travel sling bag with me to the market, but decided to reverse the strap to go over my other shoulder, even though the padding on the shoulder strap was surprisingly comfortable.

I kid you not, I was able to carry two iPhones, an iPad, a backup battery charger, mobile hotspot, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bathroom wipes, sunglasses, and snacks – and still had room for so much more. If that doesn’t make this the best sling bag for travel ever, I don’t know what does.

I would have to recommend it to anyone traveling, be it across the world like I did, or heading to Disneyland. It is surprisingly roomy as far as travel bags go, and it won’t break the bank either! And that my friends, is how I found my favorite sling bag for travel.  

Check out the reviews on the best sling backpack on Amazon, and if you grab this bag, let me know if you love it as much as I do!