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The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist (Printable)

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Ah, one of the most exciting moments before a big trip, the moment you begin packing! If you’re like me, you’ll end up running everything through your head 50 times and still end up forgetting an essential item you might need while travel packing.

 I have compiled a printable ultimate travel packing checklist that I use and update regularly, whether I am travelling for business or pleasure. Save it or print it to make packing for your next trip a breeze!  

When I’m packing, I like to lay out everything on my bed that I plan to bring on my trip. This helps me to ensure I don’t forget to pack any essential items for my vacation! The goal is to pack light, but not miss anything you might need. If you are planning to pack carry-on baggage, you will need to pack lighter than if you check your baggage before your flight. 

When I visited Thailand for my food tour of Bangkok, I forgot to pack my house key for my return visit home. Trust me, I did not enjoy coming home with jet lag to find out I was locked out of my apartment. Learn from my mistake!

Once I have checked everything off of my list, I like to go back to reconfirm my itinerary, and decide whether I want to add or remove anything. I wouldn’t bring the same things to an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas as I would while backpacking Europe! Remember that almost anywhere you will go will have things incase you’ve forgotten anything, so don’t let yourself worry too much before you go. Forgetting a toothbrush or your headphones won’t be detrimental to getting the most out of your trip!

If you don’t have a luggage tag to put on your backpack or suitcase, I like to use a ribbon, a piece of string, or even a belt in a pinch to ensure that I don’t get my backpack mixed up with anyone else’s!

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