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England Travel Guide

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If there’s a heart to Europe, it is England. The culture, people, tourism, and food are some of the many highlights of visiting this beautiful country. This England travel guide will take you through the travel delights of England and explain why it should be on your bucket list, if it isn’t already!

England is a beautiful country. It’s a burgeoning megalopolis; a pride swirling on the River Thames and beckoning the world to see what it has got.

england travel is a beautiful experience that you can enjoy with some help from this england travel guide

You’ll see a plurality of culture, bustling streets, an insane variety of cuisine and incredible hospitality, a seamless transportation system to help you commute better, the hottest ramp-walk fashions brought to life, and political shifts and clamors the world pauses for and listens to.

It’s easy to believe why travellers can’t stop crushing and swooning over its unparalleled beauty and might.

Accommodation In England

England has a whole variety of staying options, from luxury hotels, well-serviced apartments, dormitories and camps, depending on how you see your trip going.

If you’re a nature baby, you can stay at a camping site, equipped with all essential facilities, for just 7 GBP a night. If you’re interested in watching city vistas, you can book a hotel costing between 15-40 GBP a night. However, know that the more you move centrally towards cities like London, the more you’re likely to end up paying. Amenities offered will usually include breakfast, dinner, a common living area, free internet, TV and laundry.

If you’re looking to budget your trip a little cheaper, you can turn to services like Airbnb or Couchsurfing, giving you access to a shared room in an apartment for 30-40 GBP a night. All amenities will usually be covered with these options. For the entire flat, the rentals start from 70 GBP a night, and may vary on the countryside.

Apart from these regular options, you can also try staying in one of the best hostels in London, places where you can find many other travellers, both solo backpacking England or in groups. You’ll make some of your best friends in hostels!

lonesome lighthouse standing on the shore of england

Transportation In England

London, being a metropolis, boasts of a smarter transportation system and simplifies everyday commute and long-distance travel. The most approachable and affordable means of transport is the Megabus, whose fares start from just 1 GBP for one-way commute. Since it’s the cheapest way of moving across the city and is almost always crowded, so make sure you arrive early.

Taxi’s can rack up your money pretty quickly, depending on the traffic and where you need to go. I would suggest only taking a taxi as a last resort while you are in England. You are looking at around 15-40 GBP a trip.

Alternatively, you can also choose to hire a car for as little as 200 GBP a week. But, this is only advisable if you are well-versed with England’s traffic rules. In England, you drive on the left side of the street. Also, make sure that you’re booking a licensed car, taxi or minicab service to avoid getting in trouble during your trip. 

Internet and wifi In England

Internet is indispensable in the current scheme of things and England has plenty of service providers, providing deals between 10-20 GBP. You can easily avail any of the internet packs online or visiting a physical store with each street having at least one.

There are several internet cafes throughout London, charging as low as 1.50-5 GBP per hour. To find the nearest internet cafe, you can visit the site – London Online. Wi-fi and hotspots are obviously prevalent services with many cafes, restaurants and shops providing a free Wi-Fi.

As much as the word ‘free’ sounds attractive, it’s rarely so. You are usually required to buy some stuff at many restaurants and cafes to access internet. Still as a ‘free’ alternative, you can visit some local libraries throughout England that will provide you with free internet and Wi-Fi services.

Food and drink In England

Food tastes better in the open air and England has no end amazing street food to gobble up. The most delectable variety of kebabs and fish & chips are available in exchange of just a few pounds!

For Asian cuisine luckily, there are food buses, sit-down restaurants and street shops everywhere with all the foods that you might be craving. House of Dodo, Sheng High, The Patate, Smokin Lotus, Oli Baba, Prawnography, Club Mexican, Spice Box and Kimchinary are some of the most popular eating hangouts throughout London. 

This country is truly a melting pot of cultures, and a scrumptious one at that.

In case you wish to prepare some food yourself and save yourself a pretty pence, you can visit Berwick Street Market, Brixton Village, Brockley Market, Dinerama among others to get yourself the vegetables and other requisite ingredients. Cold water from the kitchen taps is potable and drinkable anywhere in England!

Read more about the best restaurants in London.

LGBT Safety In England

gay thailand travel and lgbt safety throughout the world

In England, the LGBT rights are safeguarded under 1967 Sexual Offences Act, which decriminalizes the homosexuality. There is acceptance, friendship, love and normalcy for gay people, and will be like this for a long time.

If you are planning a gay vacation to London, I would advise you to take the normal precautions that you would take in any other developed country. Pick up an Amity Jack bedroom box so that you’re safe and prepared if your night gets a little… wild. 

As for regular tourists, London has always been a very safe destination to visit. The police surveillance here is no joke, as there is heightened police cover and beefier security protocols around the crowd-pulling tourist attractions and the rest of the city.

That said, I would advise you to always keep your cash separate from your other belongings, and be weary of pickpockets in the more touristy areas.

Travel Insurance

As always, it is a very good idea to have travel insurance whenever you plan to leave your county, just incase anything happens to you, your belongings, or your flights. I could not recommend World Nomads for their outstanding insurance plans enough. Click here or check out the link below to get a quote! 

England Budget Tips

1. Take out money prior to travelling

This is definitely a cliche, but it’s always better to plan than weep later. Despite Brexit and decline in the value of pound, England is still a pretty expensive country. It’s advisable to single out your resources well much in advance to avoid a crunch situation.

2. Stay Cheap

Hostels are the best budget accommodation in England and have their own fair share of perks. First, they’re immensely clean, comfy and packed with all the basic facilities you need. Second, they’re beautifully on budget. And third, you get to meet fellow travellers from across the world!

3. The pound Can Make England Expensive

England is a developed, upscale country which can cost you a lot of money if you don’t budget right. The pound is still an appreciating currency post-Brexit which is why it’s important to calculate the budget before visiting the country.

Use the guide below to help you decide on some budget options for your England trip. You’ll thank me later!

England Budget Guide

Creating an England itinerary that suits your budget isn’t difficult, provided that you know how to go about it. Click through the various budgets below to find out what your trip will look like at those price points! 

  • A basic guest house or hostel (20-40GBP)
  • Street food or home cooked food (20-30GBP)
  • Beer and wine (4-6GBP)
  • Transportation (15-25GBP)

100-200 GBP

  • Mid-range hotel room (50-100GBP)
  • Transportation by car rental, or taxi services (40-50GBP)
  • Dine-in Options at most restaurants (10-20GBP)
  • Organized tours and activities (50GBP+)

200+ GBP

  • Luxury hotel or apartment rental (100+ per night)
  • Private tours (75+ GBP)
  • Hired car or driver (100+ GBP) per day
  • Fine dining and expensive drinks (champagne please!)

Places to go and things to do in England

There are visual splendors and fascinating cultural activities to indulge in while visiting England. Everyone can enjoy this beautiful country, regardless of their interests. There is no shortage of things to do in England! Here are some of the highlights of my time in in England, that definitely deserve a spot on your England itinerary! 


London is the biggest city in England. It is a burning megalopolis that is filled with a diverse set of history, culture, cuisine, and events. You will find yourself lost in the awe of this historic and magnificent city that even the Queen calls home. 

  • Buckingham Palace – Want to know where Megan Markle will stay after her wedding to Prince Harry? It’s Buckingham Palace, UK’s showstopper of pomp, power and glory.
  • Grab A Drink in Soho – See the city’s biggest gay parties in the most popular Gay District of London, which is full of happening and well-serving bars, clubs and party hotspots.


Bristol is a city located in the South West of England, and is definitely a quieter city than the busy city of London. Despite it being quieter, there are still a lot of things to do in Bristol. This city is world-famous for it’s beautiful and historical architecture, and canals that wind through the city. 

  • Clifton Suspension Bridge – The gorgeous Avon Gorge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge connecting its two sides make for a heavenly sight. It’s a must-see.
  • Take a Taxi Boat Tour – Potter into the Bristol’s water bodies by hiring ferry services. It’s an amazing way to travel – calm, unhurried and very, very surreal – even more so if you’re a water baby!
  • Kennet and Avon Canal – This place is an instant charmer. Walk through the edges of Berkshire through this picturesque canal and explore the other side of the city. You can also choose to ride on this delightful no-traffic route.


  • Check Out The Pubs – Manchester pubs have a life. You’ll have your heart throbbing at music beats, eat lip-smacking dishes to your heart’s content, and get trippy after guzzling up some of the finest beers available. They pack a lot of punch and we can vouch for it.
  • Attend a Festival – Manchester is never short of festive gatherings and partaking in the most refulgent times of your life. The excellent wealth of food and drinks make it way more amazing.
  •  Check out Manchester’s “Warehouse Project” – You’ll be star-struck watching the biggest DJs performing live and making you jump in the air with unbridled joy. It’ll be once-in-the-lifetime experience to be there, grooving to the thumping music, cheering your lungs out and romancing life for the heck of it.

Long story short, you will experience the flashes of medieval pride and elements of modernism throughout England, which really makes it a top travel destination. It’s got everything in place, from history, culture to aesthetics, to be lauded as one of the world’s best spots. 

Visiting England gave me proof that no matter how much you explore this country, it always has an unexplored side waiting to meet its seekers.

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