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Travel Resources

Travel resources are an important part of traveling on a budget. Whenever I travel, I always spend time to look for the best deals. Whether I am looking for accommodation, flights, or for travel accessories, I like to save money. Don’t we all? I have provided some of my favorite travel resources below. This post may contain affiliate links, so make sure you check out my disclosure policy. I use all of these services when I travel myself, so trust me when I say you will save some serious coin. Coin that can be spent sipping a Mai Thai on a beach in Bali, or shopping in Venice.

Transportation & Flights

Google flights is a great way to find cheap airfare.

Google Flights

If you're flying and don't have dates set, Google Flights has you covered. You can search by the cheapest times to fly, and even get email updates about pricing changes. This comes in handy big time. You can book your tickets as soon as you get an email about a price drop without having to sit and watch the flights!



Momondo is an airline booking system that I use almost every time I fly. They search through 5 different flight networks to find you the cheapest tickets possible. You can search for the cheapest dates, seats, airlines, and more. I got a flight from Vancouver to Bangkok return for $550 USD! Check them out.


I always make sure to check for deals on Cheapflights before I book airline tickets. I find their prices are always lower than airline websites, and they have a great price alert system that comes in handy when you're busy getting the rest of your trip booked. Check out some flights and see what you can find.


Booking logo - a great travel resource

Known worldwide as one of the must-use accommodation booking sites, helps people all over the world search through thousands of hotels. They offer deals on hotels, so keep your eyes open. I use booking when I am hoping to stay somewhere a little more upscale, like a nicer hotel room rather than a hostel.


Hostels are probably the cheapest option when it comes to accommodation, but that doesn't mean they aren't fun. Some of my best travel experiences have been with people I met in hostels. Hostelworld opens the door to some great cheap stays in 180 countries around the world, with over 30,000 properties.


HotelsCombined is a great resource for finding deals on properties you might not find on other booking sites. Their database pulls prices from some of the leading sites to help you compare prices and find the best deal for your trip. The bonus? No booking fee! You gotta love that. Check them out before your trip!

airbnb in France

Airbnb is a great budget option and a super fun way to experience your destination. I find that I save a ton of money when I stay with airbnb, because I can cook from home rather than eating out all the time. I also love being able to see the city I am staying in through the eyes of a local, not in a hotel. Trust me, staying in an apartment or house while you travel is a great way to do things. 

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More Travel Resources


Viator offers tour packages and amazing deals on activities, excursions, and things to do. Make sure you check out some of the packages available to you before you travel. They offer packages in over 450 destinations across 75 countries and growing, so no matter where you're visiting you will find something great to do.

World Nomads

World Nomads is the best travel insurance out there. They offer packages that suit the needs of just about everyone. You wouldn't need the same travel insurance in London as you would hiking mount Everest, and they know that. I love being able to book from any location on my computer, and top up my plan if I stay longer!


Depending where you are visiting in the world, your internet activity isn't safe. You're constantly connecting to the same network as thousands of other people in airports, cafes, hotels, and more. VPNs protect your data, and give you access to sites that may be blocked in certain countries like Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, and more. Always travel with a VPN!

Travel Gear

Shop Travel Fashion Deals

It's important to pack light, but also important to make sure you have the clothing you need for your trip. Browse some of the latest fashion here. Whether it's comfortable clothing or OOTDs for the 'gram, you'll find something worth bringing for sure. Put your fashion foot forward so you look the best in your photos!

Find The Perfect Backpack

I have owned a few travel backpacks in my life, and they have all came from Amazon. The reviews are a great way to know if you're buying the right bag for your trip, and plus who doesn't love 2 day shipping? Check here for some amazing deals on even more amazing bags. You'll find something you love, and maybe a few other items to bring!

Don't Forget The Necessities

From toothpaste to a belt, make sure you make a list and stick to it! Check out some deals on great travel necessities, and you'll have them at your doorstep in 2 days. Make sure you are perfectly prepared for whatever you plan to do on your trip - whether it's swimming with sharks, going on a safari, or relaxing beachside.