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These easy appetizer recipes are some of our favorites for appetizer parties, potlucks, and last minute get togethers.

Appetizers are great share foods, and always a hit, there’s always something for everyone.

We love planning appetizer parties and having everyone choose one appetizer to bring or make!

Make Ahead Appetizers

If you need to bring a dish with you, make ahead options are usually the easaiest.

Opt for cold dips and things that are dippable.

Cranberry pecan cheese ball bites are always a hit if you need a make ahead holiday appetizer.

Hot Appetizers

We love dippable appetizers like buffalo chicken dip, and air fryer pickles.

Rosemary bacon peach baked brie is always an elegant hit too!

Cold Appetizers

Try serving tortilla chips with some homemade pico de gallo and guacamole.

You can add a few different types of dippers – we love doing various chips, crostini, veggies, and crackers with hummus.

Bruschetta is always a hit too!

How Many Appetizers Per Person

For a standard dinner, you want to aim for about 6 appetizer servings per person, with a couple different choices depending on how many people will be served.

For a cocktail or appetizer party, aim to make about 12 servings per person.

You can use the search bar above to search by ingredient or category, happy cooking!